Adopting A Dog, Not Knowing It's History, Can Be Tough

DOGMOM LOVE Adoption Story
Finley and Jenna's Story


My boyfriend and I moved to Conshohocken at the end of April. Immediately I started looking into fostering or adopting a dog. I worked at a veterinary office prior and my coworker worked closely with a rescue and had adopted 2 dogs through them. I emailed a bunch of times about fostering and never heard anything back.


By mid-May we put in an application to foster or adopt a dog named Stella. We were denied adoption of her as she wasn’t suited for our lifestyle however, they asked if we would be willing to foster a young dog that was coming up on transport from North Carolina. We agreed and met the transport with Finley on it. We were warned that he was VERY scared, timid and not confident on a leash. Finley army crawled out of the transport van but we were greeted with tail wags. We knew he was scared but still looking for love. 


It is tough when you have no clue what their history is: where were they came from, living conditions, previous socialization? The first 2 weeks we worked on his confidence on a leash, walking on a leash, seeing other dogs, people and noises. He was scared of everything outdoors but by his second week, he really started to come out of his shell and not try to run and hide from everything. His 3rd week with us we started introducing him to other dogs and people. We are still working on socialization but he no longer tries to run and hide. 


Finley is leaps and bounds beyond the point where we first started and has been officially adopted after being with us for a month. Everyday he gets a little more confident and has been a wonderful addition to our family.

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