Adopting My Pup Gave Me A Best Friend For Life

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June and Amanda's Story
My husband and I recently got married in August of 2017. Little did either of us know that his job would have him traveling all over so soon. My anxiety got worse knowing that he would be leaving and would be gone majority of the time with 6-14 days being home out of the entire month(s). I knew that I needed something to be by side when he was gone, so after the begging, he finally decided it was time for a puppy.

We chose to adopt a miniature Australian Shepherd. Why you ask? Well for starters June will be a medium sized dog weighing just as much as 20lbs and she’s the perfect size to take everywhere and when I say everywhere I mean kayaking, hiking, baseball games, beaching, road tripping in the jeep with no doors/top, and our favorite shopping!

We were so concerned about getting a dog because I (her dogmom) has allergies and luckily Aussies have a coat that do not trigger allergies (at least for me). Her size might be little but her personality is huge, she’s the best little guard dog anyone could ask for, she may not look scary but if she knows you are in danger she’s there to protect! She is always there to lick my tears away when I’m upset and she is the reason that life doesn’t ever seem to be ruff!

If I didn’t have June, I wouldn’t know how to make it each day without my husband being home. June is the best and truest friend anyone could ever ask for! 

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