Adopting The Pet Samoyed

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Misia and Kimberly's Story

My adoption story, better described as the journey and whirlwind before we met our little bundle of joy, truly began years prior with a lot of wishing and hoping.. and of course, waiting! My high school sweetheart and I have always wanted a pupper of our own, and I mean really wanted one. Whether anyone can be truly 100% ready and prepared for a new puppy is arguable, but we did feel we needed certain conditions to be met before making the leap. We were open to either a rescue or breeder adoption, however, we were working hard to get admitted to doctorate degrees (and living in an apartment) and we wanted to make sure we would able to support our puppy in every way possible (e.g., providing time, a big backyard, stability). Because both of us are now Ph.D. students, and have been in university over 7 years in a row, we spend a lot of time at our desks navigating through our doctorate degrees, reading, and isolated from society. With a new home to live in, more time, and a desire to make a big change and enjoy life, the trees, and the company of a dog who will always view life optimistically when cared for and loved, we decided to adopt.

One beautiful day, I went to meet one French bulldog puppy in particular, and I would be lying if I said I didn’t start crying as soon as I saw him! My heart absolutely melted and of course, he, who I named Jaxson (after Jax Teller in Sons of Anarchy) came home with me that day. It wasn’t a whole 24 hours with him before I realized something was seriously wrong, not with him, but with me. Jax slept the whole night like an angel and was an adorable, sweet little puppy (slept on my toes while I did dishes). Basically all I could ask for and more. Yet I woke up the next day and could barley breathe, my neck, chest, and arms were covered in tiny white bumps. My eyes were beet read, worse than pink eye, my heart was racing for no apparent reason. Being 23 and around dogs my whole life, but never owning one, I had no idea I was allergic. It was a complete, devastating shock.. And bringing back the puppy I bonded with from the minute I saw him to the breeder made me swear I would never put myself through that and get a dog again. I know that sounds dramatic but I have a huge heart and it was horrible.

A year later, life changes, confirmation of 4/4 allergies (most severe) to puppers, and a tons of research, brought us to the place where we would be ready to adopt again (a hypoallergenic breed this time). We couldn’t help but fall in love with the Samoyed breed after reading about their friendliness (even extreme care and attention to babies!), glass half full attitude, and loyal characteristics. After reaching out to a number of breeders and even more research, we came across one breeder with approximately 40 years of experience breeding Sammy’s. A few chats later, we were sold, and off we were to drive 10 hours to go meet her (we knew it would be a girl, just not which one).

Once we got to the breeders, the home erupted with little and big barks. We met the precious litter of 9 Samoyed puppies, and their parents and other Sammy’s too! The litter of 9 had 4 girls and 3 boys. We were having a hard time choosing between 2 of the girls, but in the end, the girl we chose, who we named Misia, really chose us. The smallest in her litter, she was a healthy girl weighing a whole 9 pounds, about two pounds less than her litter mates. The drive home included 90% of her napping on my lap, 10% of her napping in the laundry basket full of blankies (it was so cute), and many strangers asking to pet the little floofer. There was no potty in the car (always went outside of the car when stopped/needed to), and very little whining/crying. Definitely a lot of licks and staring. We couldn’t stop staring at her, and she couldn’t stop starting at us! And it has just been love and growing together everyday since. Opening our hearts again to a puppy after so many extremely horrible recent tragedies that I haven’t mentioned, like almost losing my life in a serious car accident two months prior, could have easily left us depressed and sedentary for who knows how long. Adopting her, our Sammy, for our 8 year anniversary was the best decision we ever made. We love you, Misia! Take the leap of faith, it’s oh so worth it.

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