Adventure Pup Saved From Kill Shelter

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Brooklynn and Mackenzie's Story

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I grew up around dogs and have always loved being around them. Once I moved off to college it just wasn’t the same not having a dog around. I looked at the local shelter for weeks looking for the perfect match. I’m a big believer of "adopt don’t shop" because all dogs deserve to be loved. 

One weekend I was visiting family almost two hours away and decided to stop in at the local shelter to see who was looking for a home. Boy, was I in luck! They had just rescued over 40 dogs from a kill shelter in Nevada. 

After giving away tons of kisses and pats, I found the one. I immediately fell in love with Brooklynn. Unfortunately someone had already placed a hold on her. They allowed me to place a second hold on her. I did and hoped that it just might work out. Three very long days later I made a very nervous phone call to the shelter and they informed me she was all mine! I drove over the very next day and made the adoption official. 

Adopting a two year old dog was very interesting. I tried to retrain her and understand what she might have already experienced since she didn't come with any information on her past life. Fast forward over five years later and we are inseparable! Not only does Brooklynn enjoy tons of treats and snuggles, she also loves to hang out at our local breweries after she goes hiking, snowshoeing, paddle boarding or even floating our local river. 


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