Apartment Said No Dogs Allowed

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Tootsie and Alyssa's Story

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My husband, Ruben Clark and I moved into our new place knowing that our lease said, "No dogs. Only cats". Knowing that Ruben was allergic to cats, we knew that for now... no pets in our life yet. 
Fast forward to September 2016. We were at my brother's wedding and we get a text from our neighbor. He asked if we wanted a dog for free. WHAT?! We questioned more and learned that my neighbor's mother lived by a breeder and we're guessing this litter was a surprise and they needed to get these pups homes. We knew that there was the "no dog" rule, but then we saw the photo.... I was in love. I knew instantly that we had to have her! 
After my husband asking if we could PLEASE have a little tiny dog, the owner of our apartment gave us the go ahead! One week later, on July 9th 2016, I drove to Baldwin Park to pick up Tootsie (who I named days before). 

Being a new dogmom, I was clueless! I was lucky enough to have my dear friend Megan give me all the insight. After her guidance, I felt prepared and ready to be a new dogmom! Picking up Tootsie was the BEST day. She was only 2 pounds and ran around her brother whom I also wanted haha. My heart was full. I drove back into town and stopped by work to show my coworkers my new baby girl :) I couldn't wait for my husband to get home to see our new addition!

Ruben came home and took one look at Tootsie and fell head over heels! Tootsie loves her daddy so much... it's absolutely adorable! Tootsie is now almost 2 years old (in July) and she is the BEST! She has the sweetest, most playful personality! We just love our little fluff! 

Tootsie is by far the best thing to happen to our little family! 

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