Baby Björn: Nobody Wanted The Big One

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Björn and Monika's Story

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I live in a rural secluded area so dogs were always not only a necessity but good company to have around. This is the story of Björn, my youngest.

One day I went to the store, just a tiny place for the community. There was a doghouse on the side and a small black lab came walking out and 2 puppies followed behind her. One of the puppies was very small and black and looked just like the mom. But the other puppy looked like there was no way he was her pup. He was at least 3 times the size of the small black one. He had brown and white colors and black speckles everywhere. His paws were the size of my palms and his face and ears were droopy. It was pure love at first sight.

I went over to him and sat next to him and he came to me right away. Very slow of course. His demeanor was very calm and relaxed. I knew he was meant to be mine. I went into the store and bought my things and asked the owner if the pups outside were ready to go. He said, "Yes, 4 of them are already gone to new homes but nobody wanted the big one. They said he would eat too much." That broke my heart.

I told him I'd love to take the big one home with me. He said ok. As I'm sitting there telling him I'm 
going to take him with me and say goodbye to his mom and sister, a family pulls up in a car and sees the other puppy. She was lucky and found a new home with them that day. 

I decided to name my little guy Björn. It means "Bear". I knew he would grow into a massive beast. I brought him home, bathed him, gave him all kinds of toys and love and training. I already had a German Shepard/Rottweiler and a Pitbull, both adopted as well. They took to him right away. Now, 5 months later (he's 7 months old) My Björn is bigger than both the others and still growing! Hes become such a big teddy but also a protector of me and my home. I'm so glad I had to go to the store that day. 

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