Daphne Is My Sweet and Happy 85lb Lapdog

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Daphne and Julie's Story

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I’ve never known life without dogs. Since the age of two, when my parents adopted our first family dog, having that furry companion became an essential part of my life. My husband and I bought our house in May 2016, and by September our house finally felt more like a home when we adopted our dog, Daphne. She is a pitmix that we rescued at a local shelter. But let’s back up for a second. I should mention, prior to visiting the shelter, my husband asked that when we find a dog it should be small. We live in a small house with a small yard; he felt a small dog would be ideal. And he was right. But you can’t help who you fall in love with.

We visited the shelter two times and left each time empty handed and broken hearted. Before our third (and final) visit to the shelter my husband suggested we adopt a cat. He could see the disappointment and heartbreak each time I talked about not having a dog in our home. I had a cat once, from age 3 to 22. She was a great cat, and although this wouldn’t be a dog, it would still be furry companion after all. We spent an hour or so at the shelter, visiting with all the cats, picking out ones we wanted to meet and possibly adopt. Right before we asked the staff to let us into a cat room my husband asked if I wanted to look at the dogs one last time. We opened the doors to the dog kennels and that’s when I saw her. Second kennel in on the left, sitting and waiting.

When I saw Daphne (at the time she had a different name), I was instantly drawn to her. It helped that she was the only dog at the shelter that didn’t bark at us. As my husband walked towards the dog in the first kennel, I immediately walked to hers. I bent down so we could be face to face. As she scooted closer towards me with the saddest eyes I’ve ever seen in my life, everything inside of me wanted to hold her in that moment. I looked over at my husband and said, “this one.” Now, remember, my husband said, “small dog.” Well, she was the biggest dog at the shelter. Oops. We took her out of the kennel and spent the next fifteen minutes playing in a small room, but we didn’t need those fifteen minutes. She was ours from the moment I saw her.

Daphne is my sweet and happy 85lb lapdog. She is our shadow around the house, our avid car rider, our awkward dog park goer (prefers to hang out with the other owners over the dogs), our gentle giant. She is the reason our home has hair and drool no matter how much I clean. She is the reason our yard is patchy and muddy, where it used to be green. She is the reason we laugh and love more than ever before. She is the reason I am a dog mom; I am forever grateful for her.  

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