Dog Mom Gives Special Needs Dog His Real Forever Home

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Yogi Bear and Kyndall's Story

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July 20th 2011. That was the day I brought home the love of my life, Yogi Bear. I knew there was no turning back once I saw his face. He was so timid and seemed nervous. At the same time, it was like he had this little twinkle in his eyes and when he saw me, Yogi knew he was finally going to his forever home.

I had been looking for a dog for a while until a family friend told us she knew someone selling their dog. They had adopted him at a pet store and he previously had been neglected and abused. They did not realize their other pets wouldn’t get along with him and it was a lot for them to take on a special needs dog so I said, “I'LL TAKE HIM!”

It has been hard to get him where he is now and he still struggles with his anxiety/separation anxiety. We deal with it one day at a time. Nothing stops him from being my happy 7-year-old boy!

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