Dog Mom Gives Up Second Dog For Adoption

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Ryder and Christine's Story

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My story of Ryder is a rather sad yet happy story. He is a soul who touched my heart in such a short period of time we got to spend together....

My mother was looking for a companion for Lola, my four-year-old German Shepherd/lab mix. She is our angel and for sure part of the family. We rescued her after one of our beloved dogs passed away. It was important for us to try and have Lola socialize and have a partner at home while we were all at work. 

My mother found Ryder on and thought he would be a perfect fit for the family. He was a beautiful miniature German Shepherd mix with an incredible amount of energy and stubbornness. We tried private training; we tried our own ways; we tried whatever we could to housebreak him. But Lola was very stressed out because Ryder stressed us out. Ryder tore apart our entire house and destroyed many things. He just needed more attention and exercise but it was very hard with our schedules. 
We kept trying to work with him and kept him for about 11 months because our hearts would break to even imagine giving him away. But Lola was our first baby and we had to do what was right. We needed to find a special home for Ryder, a home which was fair to him and a family who would give him exactly what he needed. Although I cried for many days, I knew that this was the best thing for him to live a happy and healthy life.

Through the agency we got Ryder from, he was fostered by an amazing young lady who was a professional dog trainer and she found the perfect couple who had all the time in the world for him. He now jogs every day at a nearby park, has adjusted to the city life and is living with amazing and loving people. I never had to give away a dog before and I have had so many, but in my heart my family and I knew it was the best thing for all of us. So wherever you are my sweet Ryder I hope you never forget about me but if that makes you the happiest, may I be forgotten and may you live a long, healthy and happy life. 

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