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Pocahontas and Jessica's Story

I started volunteering at a dog shelter in Thailand with the condition that I would not be taking any dogs home...
And then I met Pocahontas.
She was this shy, nervous, scared of her own shadow type of dog and she bonded very quickly to me as I shared her room (she was kept separate from some of the other dogs in the pack due to bullying/fights). After barely a month of this girl being attached at my hip, I knew I wouldn’t leave without her. I stayed at the shelter longer than I expected and watched as she grew more confident and playful and naughty over time. She was still a nervous wreck (she peed on my mattress pretty much every other day... if I was lucky!)
Eventually my time came to leave and with her by my side we flew ‘home’ to the UK. We had a few bumps at the start but she has settled amazingly to a life away from being the bottom of the pack - now she is the queen!
She taught me how important it is to not forget about the shy dog hiding behind all the others. There truly is no words to describe the beauty of the moment a fearful dog understands that you aren’t going to hurt them. And I cant’t thank my girl enough for stealing my heart.
Oh and the waterproof mattress protector I bought (just in case) - it still hasn’t been used in the 5 months that we’ve been home!

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