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Nieve and Gabriela's Story

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We used to have a black poodle named Oreo. My husband had her for more than 9 years. Then Oreo got sick. We went to the veterinary. They said that she had cancer all over her body. My husband and I felt really sad when we heard that. We left her at the animal clinic, but she couldn't win the battle, and she died. My husband was devastated and I was even worse watching him like that. Days after her death, we heard her scratching the door and barking. I know that a lot of people will say that is unbelievable but it actually happened.

I realized that she didn't want us to be sad for her. She wanted to see us happy. I wasn't trying to replace her, I was just trying to make my husband happy. I thought about another puppy, because I know how much he loves dogs and how much he loved Oreo. The breed didn't matter to me. Coincidentally, my friend's dog was delivering puppies and I talked to him to get one, even though my husband didn't want to have a dog anymore.

I brought the puppy home and the first weeks my husband wasn't feeling comfortable with a new puppy in the house. After a few weeks he started playing with this new puppy and we decided to called her Nieve, which means "snow" in Spanish. Nieve has been with us since she was 1 month. She is already 1 year and 4 months now, and she is our alarm in the  morning. She helps us to clean the kitchen when some food falls on the floor. Just to finish with my long short story she brings happiness to us and to our house. We will never forget Oreo; we will always keep her inside our hearts.

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