Dogs Make The Best Hiking Buddies (And Couch Potatoes)

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Flint and Sarah's Story

I saw my first picture of Flint, my 3 year-old hound dog, when I was browsing some animal shelter websites for a dog to adopt. From the moment I read his description, I knew that he was the right dog for me. I was living alone in an apartment at the time, and wanted a furry friend to come home to. The description under his picture read “If you are looking for a dog that wants to snuggle and be your loving companion, Flint is your boy!”

On the afternoon I met him, he ended up crawling into my lap, and I took him home that very day! He keeps me company on the couch after a long day at work, and cuddles up with me at night as I’m going to sleep.

Although he is a huge couch potato, he also loves to go hiking, so he’s inspired me to get out into the mountains on the weekends. On our first night backpacking, he was spooked by an owl, so he spent the whole night curled up on top of my legs for safety (and warmth!). Since then, he’s spent half a dozen nights in the woods, and now happily curls up on his own sleeping pad at night. I couldn’t ask for a better hiking companion/snuggle buddy, and I’m so glad I found him!

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