Every Dog Deserves The Good Life

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Karlsson and Vanessa's Story
When we decided to adopt a dog, it was clear to us that we wanted to rescue a dog from the shelter. Far too many dogs live in all the shelters. And these dogs deserve to have a nice life. When we looked at the dogs on a shelter homepage and we immediately fell in love with Karlsson and wanted to get to know him.

Full of excitement we went to the shelter. And there he stood, looked at us with his loving eyes and we knew: this dog belongs to us. He immediately stole our hearts. His dog trainer said he was never as calm and relaxed with new people as he was with us. There was this magic. A connection that can not be described.

At the shelter we learned about his sad past. He was rescued from a demolition house at the age of six. There he lived in an apartment all his life and was never allowed to go outside. He never got to know nature all these years. Such a life no dog has earned. He had been living in the shelter for over a year. Nobody wanted him, which we absolutely could not understand. He is such a great dog. Maybe it was the age? For most he was probably too old at the age of seven. Or the uncertain past? The shelter had almost given up hope of finding a family for Karlsson. But then suddenly we were at the door and wanted to get to know him.

For us it was immediately clear, this dog belongs to us and we want to offer this wonderful guy a nice life. A month later, he moved in with us and completely turned our lives upside down. He is so loving and cuddly. He would like to cuddle with us the whole time. With us he now discovers the wonderful nature. Everything is new to him and he is still pretty insecure outside. But day by day it gets better. So slowly he can really enjoy the walks. We work with him every day and show him that the world does not have to be frightening.

We have been living together for 6 months now. He has enchanted us. He enriched our lives. Every day with him is a gift. We are looking forward to many wonderful, exciting years with him.

It was the best decision we ever made in our lives. And we wish that many more dogs from all the shelters will be rescued. You never know the past, you do not know what you are getting into. What experience the dog has made. But all that is worth it. The infinite gratitude and love of the rescued dogs is priceless.

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