From Attempted Cat Rescuer to Dog Adoption

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Louie and Amanda's Story

Louie’s adoption story started off a little sad, but has turned into one of the greatest bonds and decisions I have ever made.

Two years ago, I had rescued a kitten, and attempted to bottle feed and love this 4-week-old back to health. Unfortunately, a week after finding this kitten she passed away in the night. I was so upset, and being the impulsive person that I am, I went to the shelter the next day looking to adopt an older, better taken care of cat.

However, while I was walking through the adoption areas, my eye went to this small black and white puppy sitting all alone in the corner of the crate. I decided to take him out, and the connection was instant. In the next hour, the puppy was in my front seat with a new name, Louie, and ready to take on life with me.

It has been almost two years since I have had Louie and he is the cuddliest, most handsome, and fun dog. I am not always a believer in fate, but after meeting this boy in my time of sorrow, I have to think this was more than just a coincidence. 

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