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Jax and Shelby's Story

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I used to be a cat person. Two summers ago in 2016, I kept seeing people with their dogs EVERYWHERE. From the park to the local Starbucks, it seemed that everybody I saw had a dog. I had never been a huge fan of dogs, I was a cat person after all. I started thinking that maybe if I had a dog I would have a furever best friend that could tag along with me when I went for a walk or went to pick up a cup of coffee. 

That summer, I started researching dog breeds. I wanted a dog that wouldn't shed or not much at all and one that would be super cuddly. That is when I stumbled across one of the most loyal, energetic, and super soft dogs out there - the Goldendoodle. I took to Facebook to find the best breeder around & I found my Jax, who had just been born a few weeks prior. 

My husband & I picked Jax up the last week of June at 6 weeks old. He was the largest of the litter and had the curliest fur of them all - I'm a sucker for curly hair! I only thought I was in love with this pup when I saw his pics, but seeing him in person made my heart absolutely melt! Today, Jax is my best friend. He hops in the Jeep with me to run errands, drinks his own puppuccino, and goes to work with me in the summers at my summer camp for kids. He even has more followers than I do on Instagram. I can't imagine my life without this dood!

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