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Spunky, Max and Lori's Story

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I adopted Spunky in August of 2015 she was 8 weeks old. I adopted her from a rescue out of Racine, WI called woof gang rescue. She was 1 of 5 girls out of her litter that were found in a sewer drain down south after a bad storm. After she and her sisters were brought here to Wisconsin they were put into a very loving foster home and that's how I found my girl. Her foster mom was an old friend from high school. 

A little about Spunky... I adopted her during a very hard time in my life and I truly think she saved me more then I saved her. She's the best support dog ever. I call her my forever girl because she is no other dog could ever replace her. She has the shiniest coat ever with the brightest brown eyes I've ever seen on a dog. She's the most emotional dog as well she can feel when I am sad or if I leave the house for a few minutes she gets very heartbroken and pouts all day long. All visitors that came over know they must say Hi to her first or her feelings will be hurt (seriously). She's full of lots of energy, she can jump over just about anything or anyone. She knows paw, sit & high five, especially if you have treats. 

I adopted Max in January 2018 he is a year old. I came across his previous owners on my facebook page. They could no longer give him the time or attention he needed. They were going to take him back to the humane society but I thought I'd give it a try as I was already looking for a puppy. He was much bigger than a puppy but something told me I had to give this guy a chance. I knew he was a big boy from his pictures but he was even bigger in person. His previous owners brought him over I fell in love at first sight with this big boy. His head, his paws, his body was all so huge to me. It took a few days for spunky and him to adjust but after about a week they became the best of friends. 

A little about Monster Max as I call him...The first few days he was here I wasn't sure because let's be honest he's a big boy and he doesn't know his strength just yet. Just looking at him he doesn't look like a very friendly dog but let me tell you looks can be deceiving. He's the most gentle giant ever, a huge cuddle bug and is a great emotional support dog. He's got a very strong bark on him which is useful seeing Spunky isn't a barker at all! He will be with us 2 months on March 24th, 2018. Its been a very interesting last 2 months. He ate his way through a screen window and ate my $80 pair of shoes. However, those things can all be replaced.

I am so glad I was able to give him his forever home because let's be honest not many people would take a second look at this big boy who looks mean at the humane society. He also knows sit, high five & paw, he was already fully potty trained, he likes to sleep with us but let's be honest he's like another human so he now has his own cot he sleeps on at night. 

I am the proudest dog momma ever. It warms my heart knowing I have saved both of these babies and gave them their forever home. I am a huge person on adopting over buying a dog. I support all rescues!

I have lupus and am currently on lots of meds and treatment to get into remission to hopefully add some footprints to our family now that we have 2 sets of paw prints. They help me through my lupus journey there are many days I just want to give up but they are always here by my side to let me know I'm not alone. They know my good days and my bad days may sound funny to some because they are dogs but they are my support dogs.


Spunky is a 2 1/2-year-old lab/Springer spaniel. Birthdate June 2015. Gotcha day August 16, 2015 

Max is a 1-year-old lab/pit maybe purebred lab. Birthdate November of 2017. Gotcha day January 24th, 2018 

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  • What a beautiful story. I’ll always adopt my dogs too, there is just something incredibly special about them. ❤️

    Rachel Tree

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