I Didn't Just Find A Boyfriend, But My Family Too

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I didn’t just find a boyfriend, but my family too.

A lot of people think that I have been a dog lover, which is false. I suffer with allergies when I get around
dogs, my eyes itch, my throat starts feeling weird and just the hair would make me freak out thinking if it got
on me, I would die (LOL).

Not until I met my boyfriends’ dog did, I come around, being in love changed my look on everything, I wanted
to love everything that he did. But that didn’t work out to good, because like I stated before, I felt like I was
going to die because she is a husky, and we all know how much those shed.

A couple weeks later, I saw on Facebook that there was free dog adoption. I wanted, I needed. I of course
tagged Chris in the post, just as a “he he, you’ll tell me no” little did I know, he agreed. He said that we could
go the next weekend and see what they had. I later on that week thought to myself “I wonder if there are
pictures of these dogs online” keep in mind, I had never been into dogs, and I wasn’t really sure about the
whole idea. I looked on the Gwinnett county website, and what do you know, there are pictures.

My heart couldn’t take it... I was determined to find a small puppy that didn’t get big. I picked out a black
mixed with only god knows with what. Chris called the animal shelter and asked if that dog was available, he
called me after with the sad news of it was already looked at and being picked up the next day. We were
both a little devastated. As I kept looking, I came across a little white miniature poodle. He looked so sad in
the pictures, I googled them. I did research for about three hours at work, and texted Chris everything. He
asked me if I was for sure about it, I said YES, we have to save him. Chris got off of work to drive two hours to
place him on hold, so that no one would take him, and the next day took of work to drive back up there and
pick him up. Keep in mind, Chris saw the dog before I did, I only saw the horrifying picture they posted online,
but I went with him to pick the dog up, on the way we agreed his name would be Palmer, something
different. When we went the lady asked me if I had a leash or anything—I literally walked in there with a
collar, that is all. (first time dog mom probs) as the lady was walked back to the front with Palmer in hand, I
wanted to cry for excitement! I was IN LOVE. I had never felt my heart feel so much love from an animal, that
I didn’t even know, on the way home, I held him the whole time, he just cuddled in my lap. He was PERFECT.

I didn’t know any background on him, which was really scary, but he was so perfect I had no idea why
someone would allow him to go into the doggy jail. I called the next day and asked where he was found.
Apparently, someone dropped him off and said he was found on their door steps for a couple of days.

When I say Palmer is the perfect dog, he is PERFECT. He brings so much joy to mine and Chris’s day, every
single day. He is so smart, he is potty trained, and I didn’t even have to train him, he even knows how to sit.
The best part about it, is he doesn’t make my allergies mess up, (points of having that poodle in him) and he
loves me so much, if I’m around, he’s right there beside me.

I could not have picked a more perfect dog to fall in love with. He is not just a dog anymore, he is family.


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