I Had Never Even Met This Dog, And I Was Ready To Fight For Him

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Echo and Trista's Story

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It was a cold Sunday evening when I saw his photo. I was sitting in a friend's garage and saw a painful, blind pit bull sitting in his kennel run in a rural shelter. The fear and confusion were visible in what was left of his wounded eyes. Being involved in rescue, I, unfortunately, see these images on a daily basis, but he was screaming out to me for help.

I refused to let him be another sad statistic, so I called out of work on Monday morning. What was I thinking? I had a full house of fosters and my own pets already. I told my husband, "I'll put him in the basement. I'll make it work." Something was pulling me towards him. I was the second person to pull up to the shelter and felt panic that I was too late. I was sick to my stomach. What if this other person was his owner? What if they were there for him too? I wasn't going to let it happen. I had never even met this dog, and I was ready to fight for him… and I did.

I pulled my "rescue card" out and said I was there for the best interest of this sad little soul. I was there to take him to the vet. I was there to take away his pain. The tired old shelter manager looked at me like I was crazy, but he knew I was the best option he had. He walked to the back and brought out my quiet, careful, newly blind boy. I couldn't bear to make him walk another step and run into something, so I scooped him up and carried him out to my car. He slept in my back seat like he hadn't slept the entire weekend on that cold shelter floor.

Echo, as I would later name him, was blinded from being shot in the face with birdshot. You would never know that horrible detail of his life if you met him. He is a gentle soul who puts his whole trust in everyone he meets. He runs, jumps, and plays with a zest for life we all wish we had. He even jumps on the hammock with me in the backyard (and that takes some serious trust for ANY dog!)

Echo is a breed ambassador for pit bulls and comforts my other foster dogs, including a hospice case who only lived 3 months and a nervous puppy with abandonment issues. I pretended he was a foster dog as well, but everyone knew he was mine. He is my soul pup. He is the reason I rescue.

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  • Wow! What an incredible story. Echo is incredibly lucky to have you as his forever Mum. And you are incredibly lucky to have him as your forever boy. ❤️

    Rachel Tree

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