I Have Always Had Black Dogs Growing Up

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Athena and Julie's Story

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My husband and I just got married in March of 2017, when literally THE NEXT DAY we heard from a friend that she knew someone who had a litter of Catahoula Mix puppies. This person was excellent with fostering dogs, so we were sold on that alone! But also the fact that they were Catahoula mixes, which are extremely rare in our area of the states, was just too good to pass up at least going to visit them! 

So we did. The day after our wedding, we jumped in the car and drove over to this friend's house to see these little bundles of joy. There were 11 puppies total. (Poor mama!) And when we got there, all but 2 of them came running up to greet us. I have always had black dogs growing up, so I was looking at the cute little brown and white dogs for something a little different. Plus, all of our family have black dogs (on both sides!) so we wanted our little pup to be unique. 

But then, my husband immediately noticed this little tiny (but fat) little black and white bundle sleeping on a bed in the corner. He picked her up and snuggled her and he KNEW that was our baby. I wasn't convinced yet, but figured, "Hey. He was reluctant about getting a puppy so soon, so if he likes her, then that'll be just fine with me." So we spoke to the friend about her and he agreed to hold her for us until we got back from our honeymoon and had more time to make a decision. 

Over the course of our honeymoon, our friend sent us "pup-dates" on how she was doing and growing pictures, and it really sold us. Every time we'd open a picture, we'd say, "That's our girl!" with excited voiced not even matched by a kid in a candy store. We just knew. So when we got home we went to visit the pups again, and this time she greeted us at the door first. And it was love at second sight. She wanted to be held and snuggle in our laps, and when we left, she cried at the door for us. (They still had a couple weeks before they were ready to go home so we had to wait for a while.) 

Two weeks later, we picked her up and brought her home and she's been our little princess ever since! 
Come see our little family adventures! I post about her adventures on my Instagram @jlsznn

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  • Oh my goodness! What a beautiful story! What a perfect way to begin your married life – as a family of 3. ❤️

    Rachel Tree

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