I Hired Search And Rescue Dogs To Try To Find Him

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Friend and Clair's Story

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I was on my way to grab drinks with a friend when I saw a little black cloud wobbling up the street. I shouted for my husband to stop the car, and hopped right out to find a very dirty, muddy, fluffy little dog in the road, who wasn’t really black at all! When I tried to approach him he started to run away, so I just sat down in the street and waited.

After about a minute of staring each other dead in the eye, I said, “Hey friend, if you follow me home, you can live with me forever.” I stood up and started walking towards my house. I peeked behind me, and he was following me. I was so happy.

At the time I was living with my mom, and she didn’t want me to take him into the house until he had seen a vet so my husband and I pitched a tent in the backyard and stayed up all night picking the thorns out of his fur and falling in love with our geriatric Pomeranian mix.

3 months later, Friend ran away from a pet sitter when I went out to celebrate my birthday. I hired search and rescue dogs to try to find him, but they found a femur and declared him deceased. I had the femur cremated and could hardly get out of bed. I thought my world was over, he was my heart, he was my life and I truly believed I would never be happy again….until some hikers posted a photo of him on a facebook group for dog lovers thinking he was a baby wolf!

His picture went viral, and someone recognized him from my “missing dog” posters. The hikers took him to the humane society where they scanned him for a chip and called me.

No matter what happens, I know that Friend and I will always find each other. He is my baby and my very best friend, and we are now going on two years of doing everything together!

Friend 10+ years old. 

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  • Wow! What an amazing story! ❤️ Just beautiful.

    Rachel Tree

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