I Just KNEW I Had To Have Him

Dexter and Breanne's Story
My husband and I moved into a new apartment last July and I was eager to adopt a dog. I had been checking the OC Animal Shelter's website daily with no luck. Then on August 12th I happened to see several dogs I'd be interested in, but my lil guy was in my top 2. The husband had to work and we had just gotten back from a Corey Taylor book signing in LA. I managed to get to the shelter an hour before closing.

The moment I saw Dexter I just KNEW I had to have him. He was so calm and quiet, but when we got to the parking lot he got really excited. He stood next to me with the biggest grin the whole car ride. He got adopted exactly a week after his 2nd birthday and we were told he's a corgi/beagle mix. He has teeny tiny legs, a curled tail, spots, and lots of rolls. When we got him he had a bad licking sore on his paw, dandruff and a nasty ear infection, but he's all better now.

He loves to snuggle, play, and walk, but naps are probably his favorite activity. He pretty much only barks when he sleeps and he loves to give kisses. Dexter is quiet, but he tends to moan and groan a lot. It's hilarious, so my husband and I like to imitate him. Dexter is OBSESSED with soft blankets and squeaker toys (he likes to tear his toys apart to get to the squeaker). He's VERY well behaved, everyone adores him and he's also great with children and (most) other animals.

He's truly my best friend and such a blessing. We could not picture life without him. Needless to say, August 12th was one of the best days of my life and I look forward to celebrating his 3rd birthday next August 5th

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