I rescued. So can you!

Dog Mom Love Adoption Story
Stella and Kelsey
Instagram @stella_the_pity

Stella is a rescue. I first met her at my veterinary hospital that I work at. She came in with her sister from two police officers that had found her in a basement locked in the crate with no food and no water. They believe they were down there for about 16 weeks with nothing but a piece of cardboard.

So when she came to my hospital and I saw her for the first time, I wanted her. She was very thin and shy. She didn't have human contact before and was scared of everything.

About a month ago I reached out to the police officers telling them that I would love to take her and give her a new home, so I did. When Stella first got home she is very shy and timid didn’t really know what to do. She kind of just sat there and looked at me with her tail tucked and her ears back. She was about 25 pounds when I got her. She was six months old and very under nourished.

Now she’s doing great she’s gained 13 pounds. She’s not shy anymore around my boyfriend and I. She loves her new apartment and all of her toys. She loves to explore and swim she has now made herself at home. She is always smiling.

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