I Spent Hours Trying To Decide On "The Perfect Dog"

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Oakley and Meaghan

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I didn’t choose you, you chose me. 

Hello, my name is Oakley!! I’m a Minature American Shepherd (Aussie), and depending on when you are reading this will determine how old I am. This is my story so let’s start from the beginning! I was born January 7, 2018, which was one of the most important dates in history (according to mom and dad). Now, I have heard awful stories of puppies being raised in poor living conditions and being some backyard breeders experiment, but I promise you that is not how my story goes. I came from Woodridge Aussies out of Girard, IL which is family-owned by two of the most reputable breeders, Sheila and Gary Hoskins. According to mom, one of the best thing Illinois has done is made me (she’s a little extra sometimes).


Before getting me, mom and dad researched several breeds over the course of 2 months, literally spending hours every night trying to decide on what would be the “perfect dog”: A medium sized breed to make transporting them convenient, easily trainable, non-aggressive, low maintenance, and obedient. But they soon realized that’s not what they were truly searching for. They wanted a medium sized breed so when I become old and weak they can carry me where I need to go, a loyal breed that will be there for them when times get tough, a breed that will be safe with their future children...They were looking for more than a dog or companion, they wanted to share the large amount of love they have with another family member (non-ideal traits and all), so here I am! I am a female Blue Merle Mini Aussie with 2 piercing blue eyes, so they chose a name that meant Blue (seems fitting right?). 


A couple months before getting me mom lost her family dog unexpectedly, and she wasn’t coping very well from that loss. My mom didn’t think she could get another dog and deal with the heartbreak that comes with it when they become old- watching her unable to stand herself, incontinent of urine, the youth completely gone from her eyes, making that decision to keep her alive for selfish reasons or let her be free. If you need to know one thing about my dad, it’s that he always believes there is a silver lining in everything! He reminded her of the good times they had during her life: swimming, hiking, sharing ice cream, their bond...and although tough times are inevitable, knowing that they could give someone a life filled with unconditional love, will always outweigh the small amount of heartache that accompanies it. 


From the very beginning I have been spoiled with love, but I didn’t know what it really meant to love someone unconditionally until I met my furever pawrents. They never got angry at me for chewing through the kitchen dry-wall or their shoes, but instead focused on teaching me acceptable behaviors. Don’t get me wrong, a girl still loves to steal socks from the hamper every now and again. I was the only Blue Merle in my liter and was the last to be born (always saving the best for last, ami’ right?!). When we all met for the first time, it really was love at first sight. Going home with them made me happier than a seagull with a french fry! Everyday they tell me how lucky they are to have me, but who is saving who? I couldn’t ask for better pawrents to give me endless kisses, let me take over half of their bed, and keep the house temperature cooler than normal to compensate for my double layer coat. 


So did mom and dad get the perfect dog? They found that each dog has their own unique personalities and purposes, and they each have a mission to fulfill when they become a part of their family’s lives. So I would say yes, they did get the perfect dog.

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