I Taught My Dog Sign Language and He Now Knows Over 40 Signs!

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Linus, Casper and Jamie

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I have always been an animal lover...I grew up rescuing turtles off busy roads and raising baby birds that had been abandon. But it wasn’t until my husband and I rescued our first beagle, Schroeder, that everything changed for me. He opened my eyes to the the unconditional love of a dog and the importance of animal rescue.

Our beloved Schroeder is now residing among the stars. To help fill the gaping hole in our hearts, we rescued Linus- a deaf cattledog/beagle puppy. I taught him sign language and he now knows over 40 signs, he’s so smart! A year later after finding out that over 70,000 Beagles a year are stuffed in cages and tested on, we applied to foster through an amazing organization Rescue Freedom Project (formerly Beagle Freedom Project).

We wanted Linus to have a companion, especially since he’s deaf and we wanted to rescue another dog with special needs. We knew going into it that more than likely, we would foster to adopt. Sure enough, the day we met and took Casper home, we knew he was here to stay. He was in a laboratory being tested on for 4 1/2 years, everything was so scary to him that first year.

Here we are a few years later...Linus and Casper are best buds and they’re both living the good life. But thinking about what Casper experienced and reading story after story, of animal abuse and neglect, I started feeling I wasn’t doing enough. I came up with the idea for ‘The Pet Project’. At the start of 2018, I began working with organizations, rescue groups and any person interested in a custom work of art, donating 25% of the proceeds back to help shelter animals. 

So far I have teamed up with the Rescue Freedom Project (formerly know as the Beagle Freedom Project) and a couple of other organizations and have raised a over a $1000 for various charities. My goal is to double this number, by the end of this year and triple it next year. It’s only a small ripple in the ocean, but I like to think about how that ripple expands and creates more ripples. 

Animals need our help, now more than ever- “Be the person your dog thinks you are.” 

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