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Oakley Anne and Heather's Story
My whole life I have been a “cat person.”

I had and currently still have two cats, Rowdy and Cali. I’ve always wanted a dog of my own but I knew how hard it would be to be able to take care of a pup on top of my already full plate. So, I joined a rescue dog page on FB for fun to tease myself even more of the longing dream of owning my own pup. I was on it religiously. At that time in undergrad I played college basketball at Roger State University on top of going after a Medical Molecular Biology degree. As time passed, I found out in January I got accepted into the Physician Assistant Program I applied to. Even more was going to be on my plate and the dream was buried even more.

In February after a game in San Antonio I jumped on the page like I always did to browse about. I remember teammates always asking me when I was finally going to get a dog because I was always on it. That day as I was scrolling I noticed one photo that stuck out to me that wouldn’t normally to people. Most photos are posted by pounds, rescue sights or people trying to sell/get rid of their dogs. Most photos usually show a good picture of the dog trying to get re-homed but this photo was just poorly taken. Half of the dogs body was cropped out, I could still see the ribs they were obviously trying to hide in the photo, the leash she was on was short and chained up to a fence, and the puppies face was beyond the worse sad puppy dog face I have ever seen. It took me awhile to find myself to continue to scroll and as I did, the puppy’s face could not leave my mind. I finally hurried to scroll back up and decided to message the owner.

They said their German Shepard got out and got pregnant and they decided to get rid of all of them because they couldn’t afford to have that many animals. She was the last one left of the small litter and looked to be the runt. I asked for a better picture and continued to ask for more information about the status of the pup. They stated that she was half German Shepard, 2 months old, and that they didn’t have any more photos and didn’t want to get up and go outside to take anymore. Before I even knew it, I was all in.

While juggling communicating a pick up time in OKC, I was on the phone as well with my girlfriend informing her that we were about to be a family of 5 now with a new fur child. She thought I was joking because I have always been the type to logically think things through before committing to something I know wasn’t the best choice at that given time. We had already talked out it numerous times before that it wasn’t the best time to get a dog with both of our schedules. But, with just one look at that picture all that logic didn’t matter. They were located 2 hours away from me in OKC and weren’t willing to meet me to re-home her so I scheduled the next morning early to meet in OKC to pick her up. They then demanded $40 for her when she was free before we started talking. I didn’t care about the price at all, I just wanted to get this dog back to my home.

I left that next day to OKC to pick her at a Petsmart where we decided to meet. The whole ride I was trying to pick out a name because I didn’t want that poor puppy to go any longer without not only a home, but a name as well. I came across typical dog names and I couldn’t find anything that fit. Then it dawned on me. I was going to OKC to rescue this puppy and Oakley just sounded fitting for such a drive. So, I decided to stick with Oakley Anne.

Waiting patiently, it was 30 minutes past the meet time with no communication from them that I thought they were going to stand me up. I was heartbroken until I saw a car pull up and a stranger holding this precious puppy. After the money exchange I was now holding what I couldn’t believe, my first dog to call my own. Miss Oakley Anne.

I immediately shopped around in Petsmart for the essentials and more. This whole time poor Oakley didn’t make a sound or smile at all in the cart or whole car ride home. It wasn’t until I got home and laid out her dog bed, placed her new toys and bowel of food and water around her that she lifted her head up. I tried to play with her with the toys and use all the high pitch noises to try to cue some emotion from her but I got nothing. I was throwing away bags and tags when I grabbed the collar I bought for her. I bent down to place it around her neck and as I clipped it together and leaned back to give her a look, Oakley’s eyes lit up and she let the biggest smile run across her face and gave me a kiss on my hand! Oakley finally knew she had a home.

That first night was rough for her. She was whining and I couldn’t figure out why. I crawled out of our bed to her bed on the floor to give her some pets and love and she stopped. Every time I left, she did it again. Finally I got down there and before I knew it I was curled up in her bed with her asleep. She just wanted human comfort. From there on you probably can guess it…that’s how fast she got spoiled with sleeping in the bed with us from every night there on.

It took her a few days to fully warm up, especially to the two cats that she thought were going to eat her. Eventually she was running around chasing the cats, trusting more and more people and becoming more like the normal quirky, curious pup. She was two months old when I rescued her and its amazing how fast time flies by. She is now a year and about 5 months old and not only a part of our family as our fur child, but my best friend. We have been on so many adventures together. From morning runs, hiking, dog parks, Texas, the beach and more. She follows me around like my shadow and is always there for me. From giving her half my side of the bed to sharing off the same plate!

Looking back at it now, I never blinked an eye after I saw her about responsibilities, cost, or time consuming problems that I once had before. I learned that everyone has enough time for anything they are willing to love. That being said, not even 6 months later I rescued another fur child, Luna, to surprise my gf with her own pup to join our family. (She may have felt a little replaced when Oakley came into the picture.) So, a year and half later and I honestly can’t picture my life without either of them in it.

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