I'm A Dog, My Mom Is An American Staffordshire Terrier

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Stella and Sabina's Story

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Hello, my name is Stella and I am 4 months old. I'm a dog, my mom is an American Staffordshire Terrier and my father is an American Bully XL.

I was born on November 13, 2017 in a hill village in the Calabrian hinterland, the last of my litter. Last to be born, last to find a home, my brothers and sisters were hurried away before Christmas while I was alone in that barn.

My adoptive parents were looking for a dog to adopt and fortunately, a friend knew my mom's owner. They came to pick me up on January 5th, the most beautiful and lucky day of my life. 
rom the moment I felt the warmth of a family was reborn, we faced together the various health problems that afflicted me and became the mascot of the family store.

I am very exuberant, I like to know the people around me and I always make friends with everyone. I love taking long walks with my family, but also sleeping on them.

But the thing I love most is the sea. From that stable in the hills I could only smell it while today I can run on the beach every day.

I must admit that I am a dog a little 'spoiled all those who meet me cuddle me, but let's say I'm pretty irresistible.


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