Lol! We’d Already Agreed To No Puppies!

Dog Mom Love Adoption Story

Duke and Nakia

Instagram @kiddkiaa 

Two months ago we impulsively brought a puppy home. After weeks of going to the humane society, animal shelters, searching, etc we’d finally applied for a dog through Greater Charlotte SPCA. Duke was not that dog. The dog we’d applied for was already scheduled for a meet and greet to a potential home, but we figured we’d wait around just in case they decided they didn’t want the dog. We’d waited at the adoption event for about an hr & just as the dog we wanted was adopted, a foster mom rolled up with like 8 pups. 

My partner and I were like NO! Lol we’d already agreed no puppies, but then I locked eyes with Duke. He followed me around his pen as I tried to ignore him. We asked his foster mom about him & she told us that she’d found his litter of 7 abandoned in a box at only a day old! Two of which didn’t make it. He was the runt & she wasn’t even sure he was going to make it. I gave in & asked to hold him. Then I gave him back. He cried, I picked him up. I put him back, he cried, I picked him up. We did this for like ten minutes. Moments later he licked my face and it was a wrap. He was ours. Puppy breath and all. 

He’s the most cuddliest, wildest little thing that’s ever been mine & I love him so much. Adopting him was the best thing we’ve done this year. 

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