My Boyfriend Made Me A Dog Mom

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I met Bobby for the first time in November 2018, almost a year ago now.

It was my second date with my current boyfriend and I remember walking into his apartment door in Red Hook, Brooklyn when this big, white, adorable, furry body of energy came running towards us and jumped up onto me with a burst of excitement. I was immediately greeted by countless kisses followed by a little dance with a shoe in his mouth (which I later learned signifies he’s really happy). 

I looked down and noticed his water bowl was almost empty, so before I went any further into exploring/settling into the place, I first picked it up and filled it with some cold, tap water from the kitchen sink nearby before placing it back.

My memory of the rest of that evening is associated with feelings of genuine love and warmth as we nestled into the couch, with Bobby cuddled onto our laps, spoiling him with affection while half paying attention to some cheesy Netflix show playing in the background.

As we continued dating, I gradually started spending more time in Red Hook, accompanying my boyfriend while he took Bobby on his daily walks around the neighborhood. We bore the cold, brutal NYC winter by cuddling, playing, and dancing together around what was now starting to feel like our home. We would bundle up and take Bobby to the dog park on the weekends (as activities in 30 degree weather are very limited). As winter turned to spring followed by summer, the chilly park trips morphed into beach days out East (which is Bobby’s absolute favorite place in the world, by the way).

Eventually, I started sleeping over their place so often that I began walking Bobby on my own during the mornings before I got ready for work. It became the favorite part of my day. It was our special quality time where I got to watch him enthusiastically greet other dogs, chase squirrels, pick up food scraps/stuffed animals/any sort of sports ball that people left along the streets. Oh, and his need to pee on Every. Single. Corner. to ensure his territory is officially marked. My special routine with was established and it led to the growth of a very special bond between us.

I always grew up with dogs, but never imagined I would be able to have my own when I moved into a small, cramped apartment in New York City shortly after college. I also never imaged that innocently dating around in my twenties would not only lead me to find my perfect partner, but would also have made me a proud dog mommy of the sweetest, happiest, smartest, most handsome, and loving dog in the world.

Meeting my boyfriend has changed my life in many ways, but I am now mostly and forever grateful that he was a package deal. I know that many couples adopt a dog as either a substitute or precursor to having children. I, however, was lucky enough to fall in love twice at the same time.

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