My Dog Still Has Her Stubborn Moments

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Arya and Alyssa's Story


Arya was just about 6 months old when my boyfriend and I adopted her from a family that was giving her up. Huskies are a tough breed so we assume she was too much for them to handle. Arya had no basic training and had never been in the city before (we live in Chicago) so our first weeks were tough, she had to get used to not only us but the sounds and the new smells.


She loves the city now, she's such a happy girl (even if her face says otherwise). She still has her stubborn moments, crazy outbursts and we're still working on some basic rules such as "come," but our days have been nothing short of interesting since this beautiful pup came into our lives.
Arya is two years old now.

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  • Arya is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story. ❤️

    Rachel Tree

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