My Fiancé Surprised Me With A Puppy

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Princess Leia and Brittney's Story

Instagram @Leiadarlingg

My fiancé adopted our little Leia while I was on vacation with my family for the holidays. He sent me some pictures of her every day for a week before I could come home to meet her. I chose her name after my favorite Star Wars character, Princess Leia 💗. The name suits her very well, let me tell ya!

When I finally got on the plane to come back home to my fiancé, he brought her to the airport to welcome me home. She was the smallest, sweetest little thing! I instantly fell in love with her and it was like we had already met before. She cuddled in my lap the whole drive home and gave me tons of kisses 💗. It’s like she knew I was meant to be her mommy. Ever since that day, she has been by my side and never lets me out of her sight! I just love her so much 💗

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