This Dog Chose His Dog Mom

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Biscuit and Jazmin's Story

I knew I wanted to adopt. Getting Biscuit wasn’t just my second attempt at adoption, it was the start of a new chapter in life. 

I was determined to adopt a little puppy, so Biscuit wasn’t at the top of my list. But his delicate face struck me in pictures because he looked like no dog I’d seen before. When I went to the shelter and they brought him in, my heart melted. He wasn’t quite a year yet, but he wasn’t 3-month-old pup either. He crept into the room to meet me, very shy, scared and quiet. He was a nervous wreck, trembling. I slowly knelt onto the floor to meet him at his level and spoke softly to appeal to him with pet names that naturally poured out. He instantly came to me and we were left alone for moments that could’ve easily been about half an hour or more. 

Adoption comes with surprises because your pet’s background is a mystery and who knows for sure what journey they’ve been on before meeting you. Had he been properly socialized before? Was he treated properly before? Had he been traumatized? Why does his paper say one breed, but when you view him he could pass for a few others? It’s a mystery I have no control over, but Biscuit was mine the minute we laid eyes on each other. He waited for me and he chose me that day. The shelter knew this and tried to prepare him for adoption, but he wouldn’t leave my side. He was attached to my hip as they gathered the paperwork. I thought about his name, but I couldn’t change it because he definitely knew it and he “looked” like a “Biscuit.”

I became a proud dog mom the summer of 2017 and never looked back, regardless of the stumbles we’ve had. When I first brought him home, the shelter told me I’d probably have to carry him because he doesn’t like being leashed. Today, Biscuit doesn’t leave home without being leashed. We took walks and worked our way to getting around the neighborhood day by day. He’s come a long way and has come out of his shell a great deal since I adopted him. We had to go through a process of house-training, we attempted different dog parks for socialization, we’ve gone to the beach and been exposed to different people. 

It’s a journey for sure. I’ve discovered that Biscuit has a bad case of anxiety, including separation anxiety, and has had some mishaps with other people and other dogs. But there’s still hope for this cute biscuit of a dog. I can’t give up on him and have him readjust to a whole new environment and new people all over again or go back to the shelter. That would make him more of a nervous wreck. 
He’s taught me to have patience, be understanding and maintain a routine as best I can because training never stops. If we fall off course, there could be some relapse. And there has been some relapse, but we're taking things day by day. Treats are a good motivator too! I’m learning to be the “pack leader” every day. He’s taught me the importance of daily exercise for physical, mental and emotional health. I didn’t know exactly what I was getting into adopting a dog all on my own, but I wouldn’t take it back and I don’t know what I’d do without Biscuit by my side. 

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