Not Having A Dog In Your Life Almost Makes Your Days Seem Meaningless

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Stella and Samantha's Story

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It was well over a year ago when I decided that I wanted a pup to join my family. I had just gone through a separation and moved myself and my two daughters into a new home and we were working on starting our new life. During that separation, my ex had kept his dog that I had come to love as my own. Not having a dog in your life almost makes your days seem meaningless. I was used to waking up early for our morning walks and going on afternoon adventures and coming home to the ultimate love after work.  I was definitely kept busy with my daughters but I knew something was missing and realized we need an addition to our family.

I began doing some research and decided adopting was going to be the best option for us. Simply because we had the extra love to give and fell in love with the idea to provide a new start for another being, having recently gone through something like this. I found an agency called Finding Them Homes, who dedicate their time to help rescue, foster and find a home for the growing population of homeless northern dogs.

There was some difficulty getting through with applications as the dogs, fortunately, are adopted quite quickly. Finally, I sent them an email and said we would take any puppy that was available at that time. The dog we have today happened to be available and we began the adoption process. Everything happened very quickly after this. We had an interview on the following Monday and they told us we could pick her up on the coming Friday to come home.

It was one of the most exciting moments walking through those doors to see our new baby. Almost like a blind date for the love of your life. She was sitting with her foster dad, very timid so I sat down next to her. She crawled right into my lap and covered my daughters and me with kisses. My youngest named her Stella, which I couldn’t have picked better myself.

Stella has done nothing but bring our family great joy and taught such responsibility to our daughters. From her strange old man sounds when she’s sleeping, to her cute little woofs to say hello and simply be heard, and not to mention her HUGE smile when I tell her we are going for a car ride (which usually means a big hike), she has just truly blessed our lives. Stella chose our family and I would not have had it any other way!

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  • How beautiful that you, your daughters & Stella to have each other! ❤️

    Rachel Tree

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