Nothing Heals Like A Heeler

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Gemma and Melissa's Story

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After suffering a miscarriage and the loss of our first furbaby Angel in 2014 we felt lost and our house felt empty. My husband and I went back and forth on the idea of getting another dog. We didn't know if our hearts could handle the heartbreak again when they passed away. On the other hand, we felt incomplete.

Months passed and I really wanted another dog. I was going through infertility issues and was very emotional. I was a mom without a child that needed to mother something. I kept showing my husband pictures of dogs and he wasn't into the idea. He felt as though we were replacing our sweet Angel too fast. Then one day my sister-in-law's parents contacted us. Her father found a stray Australian Cattle dog/Queensland Heeler near his work. He and his wife took the dog to the vet. She was in good health, not chipped and the vet guessed about 9 months old. They brought her home and true to the working breed she is, she was a handful. Their other dogs did not care for her either because she kept trying to herd them like cattle. My husband, being from Australia, saw her picture and was smitten. I was hesitant knowing how active the breed is but was happy he finally was into the idea of a new dog.

We met up at my mom's and there was an instant bond and love. She was so sweet and shy but felt comfortable enough to give me a kiss. We took her home for a trial week and on day one I said, "We're not giving her back." That night she slept on my lap and has been stuck to me like a velcro dog ever since, a true dogmomma's girl. We named her Gemma after the nickname Gem, that my husband gave me when we first started dating. 

Her high-energy and need to be mentally stimulated lest she gets bored and destructive, was a challenge at first. Like the time she ate my CD's, Disney DVD's and destroyed an entire queen size comforter. But thankfully she grew out of that adolescent phase. She's going on four years old this year and is a great hiking and biking buddy. She's so smart and wants to learn tricks. Watching her and my husband play hide and seek is the funniest thing. My favorite is when she lets me hold her like a baby and she falls asleep.

She's truly helped fill a hole in my heart. I may not ever be a "mom" in the traditional sense but she is my child and I'm lucky to be her dogmom. They say nothing heals like a heeler and that is the truth. I couldn't imagine life without our furbaby.  

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  • This brought tears 2 my eyes. 😩😭You were meant 2 Gem’s mommy, Alvin, her Dad. Thanks for stepping up and taking a chance on her. She knows how much she’s loved. ❤️✨💫

    Deborah Nava

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