Our Dog Was Found Roaming The Streets

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Daisy and Rachel's Story

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My husband & I adopted Daisy in November 2010 from Moorook Animal Shelter in the Riverland, South Australia. 

Daisy was approximately 12 months old and was found roaming the streets. At the shelter she lived with the cats in the cattery, she wasn't in the shelter for long when we saw her advertised on their Facebook page, we immediately contacted them & put her on hold. 

A week later we got to meet our beautiful girl for the first time. It was most definitely love at first sight. She settled right in at home & quickly became good friends with our cat Ash. 

Daisy instantly showed us that she's an incredibly loyal, affectionate & cuddly girl. She's not afraid to show this in public either! She loves to run at the park, beach or just in the backyard. She loves to socialize with animals of all shapes & sizes. 

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