Our Love For Our Dogs Made Us A Stronger Couple

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Lola and Alexandra's Story
"I’m not like a regular dogmom, I’m a cool dogmom" 🙃 Lola and I have been best friends right from the start. I saw her come into this world and raised her from when she was the tiniest pup who didn’t even know how great the world was and how awesome her life would be. I have always had dogs my entire life, but Lola is the first dog I call my own. She is my responsibility, and my best friend.

At first, for a long time it was just me and Lola. Some would say I am weirdly obsessed with my dog. So what I’d much rather snuggle and play with my dog than most humans in the world. What else loves you unconditionally, no matter what? My love of a dogmom started with Lola and extended when I met my Levi. When my boyfriend Elliot and I started dating, I think I fell in love with his dog Levi before I even noticed I was in love with him. Right away we had a connection, Elliot was a dogdad & I was a dogmom. Levi and Lola were the most important things in our lives. We love our dogs and we don’t care who knows it! I think that the love I had for Lola and the love Elliot had for Levi made our love as a couple stronger. We fell in love with each other and the love we had for our pups.

Levi is a big ol bear who is a laid back dog that loves the beach, just like his dad. Lola is a energetic, fun loving diva pup who loves to run all around the beach, just like her mom. The four of us together are inseparable. Levi and Lola have become the best of friends and now do nothing without each other. There was a brief part of my life last year when I was in between jobs and called myself a “stay at home dogmom." Women do it with kids, why can’t I do it with my pups? They’re my children too, just my fur children.

I spent my days running errands, walking, playing, and snuggling Lola and Levi. We for sure were living our best life. All in all, being a dog mom is my favorite.  Moms are obsessed with their kids and I am obsessed with my dogs. Levi and Lola are the most spoiled pups, and they sure do know it! I give them the best life and in return they give me mine. I hope for everyone to experience a love from a dog as I do from my fur babies.

Be sure to follow myself and my basic pups to see all of our trips to the beach and different adventures along the way: @allexandraroberts @laidback_levi 

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