Our New Puppy Rescue Had Parvo

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Chicken Nugget and Jessica's Story

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Our adoption story for our older pup (just 2 years old now), Chicken Nugget, had its ups and down. We rescued him from a Virginia based rescue called Lost Dog. Compared to his siblings, he was the opposite of a black sheep. He was the only blonde pup in the litter and clearly a few pounds bigger than his siblings (someone was hogging all the food). As soon as Jayne picked him up, he fell asleep in her arms and whispered to me that this was her little Chicken Nugget. The name stuck.

We took him home and fell madly in love with him. Five days after we rescued him, we headed to his first vet visit. Unfortunately, little Chicken Nugget wasn’t feeling so great that morning. Before the vet gave him his vaccines, she decided to check him for Parvo, just in case. Low and behold our brand new rescued puppy was positive for Parvo. The vet recommended we try and care for him at home but after a day of worrying we decided to take him to the pet hospital which was 90 minutes away (the rescue had a relationship with this particular vet hospital).

Thankfully, he recovered in about 4 overnight stays at the vet hospital. We had a happy reunion and spoiled him like crazy until he returned to his full puppy self. Despite having Parvo, he now weighs a full 90lbs and makes sure to spread that out over his (and sometimes our) side of the bed.

We just introduced Chicken Nugget to his new puppy brother Churro. He’s been nothing but a patient jungle gym for Churro as he goes through his teething phase. Hopefully our adoption story with Churro won’t have nearly as many ups and downs as Chicken Nugget’s.

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