Pet Rescue On The Side Of The Road

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Missy and Carol's Story
Missy was found on an old country road. She was so skinny and was pretty sick. My dad scooped her up, put her in the back of the truck and took her home. I had assumed she was maybe 6-10 weeks old but our vet said she was more like 6 months old! Missy had parasites and we determined that someone had dumped her. She’s slightly deaf so maybe that’s why, but that is not a good reason to drop off a dog in the road. 
Now Missy is almost a year and a half years old, enjoying life on our family farm. She spends her time chasing squirrels, playing with her older sister, Dottie and tearing up stuffed animals. 
Most of our dogs have been rescues, and I was going through some difficult times when I rescued Missy, but she most definitely saved me. She’s my best friend.

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