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Haight, Ashbury and Brittanie's Story

My boyfriend and I “rescued/bought” Haight and Ashbury from the corner of Haight/Ashbury in San Francisco, California.

We had just talked earlier that day about possibly adopting ONE dog. He went out for work and called me two hours later saying, “Hey, I have two dogs.” I replied, “Well, I’m not very hungry for hotdogs.” He said, “No, I picked up two pitbulls from the Haight/Ashbury district." He was on a business call, walking back to his car, and hung up the phone when he saw two 3-month-old pitbull puppies in a basket. My boyfriend was fearful of what might happen to these dogs, and didn’t want to see them separated as they were so cuddly with one another. He ended up finding the person who put them there, gave him some money, and took both dogs home with him.

I remember walking into our apartment and having two little piglets running all over my feet and being completely clueless about what to do.

Instantly, Haight and Ashbury became family members. We sent them to training in an effort to reverse the “pitbull stigma." Ever since, we have taken these two EVERYWHERE. Road trips, the lake, dog parks, the store. They sleep in our bed and have become our children. I’m a “stay at home dogmom” since I want our dogs to constantly have exercise and love.

Haight and Ashbury LOVE to cuddle, and hearing them snore so loudly at night in my ear is a pacifier for me. They cuddle with our nieces and nephews, and instantly love any dog or human they meet. They have a loud bark, but would honestly help a burglar leave the home as they never meet a stranger.

One of my favorite stories: Once, I was unloading grocery bags and went outside to grab the rest. Within two minutes, they had gotten into the flour and spread it all across the apartment. They were rolling around in it and were covered in white! They were having the time of their life. I couldn’t even be mad at them. We ended up all taking a bath together, and snuggling up for a movie. They’ve truly become my best friends and are my partners in every aspect of my life. People know me as a dogmom, and always expect to see them when they see me. I’m so happy to show people how loving and cuddly and how teachable pitbulls can be! I’d trust my dogs with anyone.

Haight and Ashbury absolutely love little dogs! They never want to go to the big dog park, even though they’re 60+ pounds, because they believe they’re lap dogs and only want to play with the little dogs. Every time they see a little dog, they run up to them and lay down instantly. They just want them to crawl all over them!
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