She Was The Tiniest Full Grown Dog I Had Ever Seen!

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Lulu and Chloe's Story

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I got Lulu 3 years ago. I already had 2 smaller dogs, a Bichon Frise and a Shih Tzu Maltese, so I was used to small dogs. When I met Lulu though, I was in shock! She was the tiniest full grown dog I had ever seen! She was only 2 pounds.

Lulu lived with two different families before I took her in. Her first family got rid of her and her second family took her in. They then had to move and could only have 2 dogs (with Lulu they had 3). The family had asked on Facebook if anyone would watch Lulu while they moved. My mom said my family could.

As soon as the family brought Lulu over, we fell in love with her! Her old family eventually told us they needed to get rid of her so we took her in. She had a lot of work to do though! She needed to gain some weight, some social skills, and some strength. I got to work with her right away, but quickly realized she was more of a lazy cuddler, which I, of course, didn’t mind! Her progress would just take a little longer.

When we took in Lulu we were told she was a “purebred Yorkshire terrier with papers,” but I knew that never seemed right (I didn’t care if she was purebred with papers or not!) I eventually did some research and determined she must be a teacup Yorkie with some chihuahua in her. After some further research, I could only assume she was the product of a pet store puppy mill due to her many issues that took place before I got her (toothless, no hair on ears due to a fungal disease, social anxiety, etc.) Being able to take in a poor soul like her has made her so much happier in her everyday life.

She is now a much more upbeat (when she isn’t sleeping) pup who loves her momma and her new family along with walks, treats, and thinking she’s the biggest dog in town! Currently, Lulu is 9, going on 10 years old and lives with me while I am in college at the University of Tennessee! Her hobbies include sleeping and squirming on her back until someone pets her or picks her up!

Since she has been at school with me, she is now 3.5 pounds! So not quite the freshmen 15, but maybe for her!


  • Oh I just love you both! As I write this I have tears streaming down my cheeks. Happy tears, what a beautiful story and I know you’ll have a beautiful life Little lulu and mom Chloe. Love, Ronda 🐾💕
  • What an absolutely beautiful story. It made me smile. ❤️

    Rachel Tree

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