The Only Dog I Know To Get Into Water At ANY Temp!


Kelly and Alby


My boyfriend and I have always been pet people (we love them all!)  He adopted a cat, and a year later I got the famous puppy fever.  I spent weeks (probably months) researching breeds and searching all the shelters within 100 miles for the perfect pup. 
Since we were renting at the time, we were not allowed a pit bull, so that really slimmed the options, unfortunately.  I then convinced Chris that we needed to make a trip to one (an hour away) to meet some dogs.  Of course, I fell in love with every single one there.  There were a few that I wanted to make ours, but we still had to be approved, so we headed home empty.
I checked their site probably 100 times a day, and the one guy we had liked had been adopted, but there were a few picture-less dogs they added, one being a lab mix named Westbury.  I thought wow, he must be a gentleman! 
We were approved that week. First thing Saturday I was ready to go!  We made the journey again, and visited 3 sweet, black, non-pit mixes.  I wanted to meet Westbury.  He came into that room 100mph, smiling and wiggling his entire body.  It was love at first wiggle!!  He came as a stray, so there was no information on him. They labeled him as a lab mix, but I don't think there is any lab in him, my guess was pointer and pit.
We named him Albus (alba is white) but in hindsight, Moose would have been WAY more fitting. He is cat aggressive, and also very mouthy.  He loves to steal everything, from shoes to wood to tissues.  It has been a learning experience for all, but we are just getting started!  He is starting home obedience training this weekend and I am so excited!  We have since moved into a house with a fenced in yard and pond.  Alby is in HEAVEN! 
His favorite activities include swimming,  chasing the cat, and waking mom up in the morning.  The only dog I know to get into water at ANY temp.  (seriously, -16 and my moose is rolling in the mud puddles.)  He has been very challenging, but we couldn't imagine a life without his wiggle!!

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