The 'Tail' Of Two Pups

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Cali and Dani's Story

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Hi, my name is Cali (left) and my brother’s name is Dani (right). We got our names from the song Dani, California. Our mom is Jenna and our dad is Breighton, a Marine. I remember the day my mommy and daddy picked me up like it was yesterday! We were born in San Bernardino to our mom, Hazel, and dad, Nismo. We had 11 pups in our litter; 8 girls and 3 boys. It was a sunny day in February when our mommy and daddy came to look at us. My daddy wanted to get a puppy for my mom and couldn’t he went to the car and let her choose. Moments later my mommy brought me out to the car wrapped in a white scarf and we headed back to Twentynine Palms.

That night, my daddy couldn’t stop thinking about my little brother and suggested we should have brought him home, too. I’ll be honest, I really missed my siblings. Well, when daddy left for training the next day, mommy drove back and picked up my brother as a surprise. Oh, I was so happy to see him! We are inseparable and I couldn’t imagine my new life without him. We love our home, chewing on underwear and chasing each other around the yard. Here’s to four months of peace, love and wagging tails! 

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