This Dog Has Already Flown More Than I Ever Had

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Riley and Ashley's Story

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My name is Ashley and my four-legged fur kid is Riley. Riley came to us at 10 weeks old. He was found in Alabama wandering the streets as a stray. 

Where he then went to a shelter and then went through a foster/adoption rescues called FARR. He was then flown into Tampa, FL where we picked up our new foster right off the plane! This dog has already flown more than I ever had.

Well, our intentions were to help the rescue when we got our other girl from with fostering some puppies. After about 24 hours we fell in love with “Henry” at the time and decided to go forth on adopting him and changing his name to Riley.

He is now about 15 weeks and 28 lbs! 

You can follow me on Instagram @stpeteadventurer or the dogs on Instagram @kaiandriley

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  • Riley is absolutely adorable and he is so lucky to have you as his forever Mum! Both of my dogs were found roaming the streets, their love is so pure & unconditional. Thank you for sharing your story. ❤️

    Rachel Tree

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