This Pup Made My Heart Whole

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Jasper and Courtney's Story

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I had just graduated and kept telling my mom how I wanted to save a dog's life and begin my new adventure. I had looked and looked and passed by Jasper's photo a lot thinking I wanted a puppy that I could train instead of a grown dog. After a few months of research and cost analysis I was ready to make it a reality.

I had driven to the animal shelter excited to find my dog but lost hope after searching for what seemed like hours. I was wrapping up my search defeated when I walked past a very dark cage. I saw the name and stopped immediately; It was the dog I kept looking at. He was scared, so thin and made eye contact with me. I -also scared- put my hand inside and when he put his head in my hand I knew he was mine.

Almost eight months later and I can't imagine my life without him. He gave our other dog Gizmo a burst of life we hadn't seen from him in years. My heart was whole and our adventure had begun.

But then the unexpected hit us. Our vet had told us Gizmo, our beloved dog of 14 years had cancer with months maybe even weeks to live. We were faced with the hardest decision and knew what we had to do.

On a January morning we left with Gizmo wrapped in his favorite blanket in our car. When we came back Jasper layed down on the blanket and waited by the door the whole day for his return.

Jasper was there for us during our coping phase. He made us laugh and filled our hearts with joy again. He's been there for me through the darkest days of my life and I couldn't imagine my life without him. I guess you could question; who rescued who?

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