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Flynn and Angela's Story

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Hi! My name is Angela and I’m the dog mom to two adorable boys - Koda, a Shih Tzu and Flynn, a Yorkie mix. Koda just turned 10 and we think Flynn is around 8; we’re not sure of his exact birthday because he was a rescue from the pound and came in as a stray.

We adopted Flynn on March 12, 2011, and just recently celebrated his adoption day anniversary. I remember his adoption process vividly. My husband said, “We should get a second dog.” I took his suggestion and ran wild with it. I was all over petfinder.com searching for our next fur baby. I found “Fritz” (now known as Flynn) within the first few days of searching and arranged to meet him at an adoption event at a local Petco.

I saw our little boy in a crate as soon as I walked in. He was underweight and in desperate need of a bath but so very cute. We took him for a walk outside where he proceeded to have the runs all over the place. Not the best first impression, but we couldn’t say no to his cute face! He came home with us that afternoon. I remember him licking the air conditioning vent in the car on the drive back and my husband joking said, “We might not have adopted the smartest dog in the bunch.” Not true, by the way. He’s a clever little guy!

Flynn’s transition into our home wasn’t without its obstacles; we all had to get to know each other and learn how to live together. I can say without reservation that even though Flynn was a little slow with learning some house rules, he was never slow or reserved with his outpouring of love to us. He was home, with his forever family, and he knew it.

Our family wouldn’t be complete without our Flynn!

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  • Your story is beautiful! Thank you for sharing it & thank you for giving Flynn his forever home. ❤️

    Rachel Tree

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