When Pet Fostering Leads To Adoption

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Lady and Courtney's Story

Not The Lady I Expected: I lost my first dog, Sunny, in April 2016. It was unexpected and it was while I was away at university. I had a very rough time, but eventually I came to the realization that I still had all of this love, attention, and time for dogs that could be put to good use. So I began to foster for my local shelter. Our shelter is amazing, with an amazing staff and volunteers. I love it so much. I fostered for the summer, watching all of my foster pups get adopted after I had worked on socialization with them. It was great, but something was still missing. I didn’t have a fur baby of my own.

I began searching for the perfect dog during my final semester of college. But towards the end of the semester, I was offered an amazing internship out of state, in California. And I would be unable to care for a new addition to my family during that time. My search came to a halt. I loved my time in California, but my heart was still broken. Everywhere I went, people had their dogs with them. I wanted that too.

It was my final week of my internship when I was scrolling through Facebook, and my local shelter posted about a new intake, a Chihuahua mother that was about to give birth at any time. My Sunny was a Chihuahua and I was partial to the breed, especially the size. So I put in my application. I got a call a couple of weeks later saying that I was accepted and a little girl would be mine. I was so excited. I went to PetSmart and began getting all the puppy supplies I would need.

Two days before I was to pick my puppy up and take her home, I got a call. The whole litter caught the dog flu and distemper. And everyone was in quarantine. She wasn’t keeping fluids and it was looking pretty grim. Unfortunately, they lost several puppies. Including my baby.

So, I began looking again. And the very next day, this scared looking puppy came across my screen. Her name was Eggnog, and she was an hour away from me. She was on a euthanasia list when a no kill shelter found her and took her in. She was still a small puppy, but had been running around on the streets with some bigger mutts. Thankfully, SNIPSA, Spay Neuter Inject Protect- San Antonio, was able to take her in. I fell in love. I immediately submitted my application. And the next day, I got a call.

Online, she was some kind of Chihuahua mix. But in person, this approximately two-month-old, was already 8 pounds. She was not what we expected at all. But as soon as I picked her up, I couldn’t put her down. We took Lady (I was not keeping the name Eggnog) home that day, after stopping at PetSmart to exchange some of the Chihuahua sized stuff for a bigger size.

Lady is now 6 months old, 20 plus pounds, and nothing like a Chihuahua. But she’s my baby and she is currently sleeping beside me as I type. And thanks to her being all muscle, we can enjoy hikes and camping and kayaking together and I don’t have to worry about her being too small. Lady and I are still learning new things about each other, but I hope that we have many more adventures to come.

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