An Unexpected Journey To Doggie Heaven

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Mello Yellow and Brooke's Story

I was probably about 11 years old when we got Mello. We originally bought him as a birthday gift for my uncle. On what we thought was going to be our last night with Mel, my mom snuggled up to him on the couch all night. We surprised my uncle with him the next day. But my uncle and his wife were about to have a baby in the next couple of weeks, so he said it wasn’t a good time for a pet. Actually his pregnant wife said that, so I don’t think he had any choice but to agree. 

My parents weren’t convinced that we needed another dog. We already had 2. But Mello was perfect. And I was an only child, so let’s be honest, whatever I wanted, I got. And I wanted Mello. And that was all she wrote. From that day on, Mel and I were inseparable. 

He was my best friend and we always had the BEST time together. I don’t technically know the capacity of love in a dogs heart, but I know that I was his best friend too. He would sleep with me every single night. He would always lay next to my chair at the dinner table. He would hang out with me while I did my homework. We would play outside together. Go to the dog park. Go to McDonalds and get ice cream. Go to the beach. We just were best friends. 

I met my now husband, Kevyn, when I was 15 (in 2012). Even he knew that Mel was at the top of my list. Kevyn moved in with me and my family, and Mel, a 115 lb yellow lab, would still make his way into our queen size bed. Most nights he would even sleep at the top with his head on the pillow. He wasn’t much of a snuggler, except for when it came to me. I would be squished in between Kevyn and Mel almost every night. In that moment, it was kind of annoying. But looking back, I am so grateful to have a dog that loved me so much and wanted to be close to me at all hours of the day. 

I got married on September 25, 2016. Mel got to be a part of my bridal portraits. He was so happy out on the farm that day with all of the horses, donkeys, and endless fields of grass. Mel died about 2 weeks later unexpectedly at the age of 8. 

October 2, 2016. Mel wasn’t acting normal. He was acting very lethargic, and wasn’t even able to jump on the bed with me anymore. He had gotten to the point where he was just laying on the kitchen floor all day. I kept telling my mom, “We need to take him to the vet. We need to take him now.” But she said we needed to wait for my dad to get home from work. It seemed like it took my dad hours to get home that day. By the time he arrived, Mel wouldn’t even walk. My dad and my husband had to carry him on his dog bed to the car. We drove him to the vet, but it was a Sunday, so we had to wait for the vet to actually arrive. My heart was breaking so badly because I had to see my best friend in so much pain. 

Mel stayed at the vet for overnight fluids and so the vet could do some testing to see exactly what was going on. We went home that night thinking that everything was going to be fine. That Mel was going to be fine.

October 3, 2016. I woke up that morning and I was ready to go sit at the vet with Mel. I told my mom to get ready so that we could go see him together. Before I could even get all the way out of bed, the vet called my cell phone. “I’m sorry, but Mello didn’t make it,” he said. “He passed away early this morning.” I didn’t believe him at first. I didn’t know what to do or say. I just started crying. I figured it was some kind of crazy sick dream I was having. But I believed it when we went to the vet to see Mello one last time.

We had Mello cremated, and I also got paw print tattoo on my foot in his memory. Since then, we have gotten a black lab, who is actually Mello’s nephew. His name is Axle, and he was born to Mel’s sister. We also have a golden doodle named Enzo. And my husband recently got a painting made for me and the artist was able to incorporate all 3 of them into the same picture. It’s so nice to see all of my babies together. Mel would’ve loved Axle and Enzo and I wish he were still here to see them. I know he watches over me everyday from doggie heaven. I love you so much, Mello Yellow.  

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