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Gizmo and Courtney's Story
On a winter morning at 9:20 in the morning I lost my best friend of 14 years. 

On a summer day 14 years earlier we had learned our neighbors couldn't keep their puppy they had just gotten. Being puppy crazed tweens my brother and I convinced our mom that we needed him in our lives. Throught his life Gizmo was the best friend I never knew I needed. 

When my health began to fail me he was always by my side in my recovery through countless procedures. As doctors healed me physically, Gizmo healed me mentally. He gave me the strength emotionally to keep fighting. 

As the years progressed he reveled in his golden years. He was as spoiled as spoiled could be. As our daily walks became shorter and shorter we grew concerned that he was beginning to loose his spark of life. On August 16th we welcomed a new four legged family member into our life. Jasper gave him a spark of life again we dearly missed.

As the seasons changed so did Gizmo's health. After endless amounts of vet visits we were given the news. Gizmo had inoperable widespread cancer.

We tried everything we could, I began to deny everything. I tried to be there for him like he was there for me for so many years. We poured all our time and money into giving us a little more time with him. 
Weeks had passed and our hope began to fade. I couldn't keep him alive for my greed of wanting more time. I made the vet appointment I had dreaded for weeks on end. That January morning we left with Gizmo wrapped in his favourite blankets for the vet. It was the last morning I will ever have with my best friend. 

People will say; "You did the right thing" or "He's not in pain anymore" or the one I hate the most, "you gave him a great life!" I myself can say I'm guilty of saying these phrases as well. It isn't until you've given your dog a great life and you didn't want to see him in pain anymore to make you think did you really do the right thing.

As the days pass my heart has begun to heal. It gave me a humility and love for time with Jasper I learned through the passing of Gizmo. If you can take anything away from my story take away this... we only have a limited amount of time with our dogs. So hug them tight, go for adventures, spoil them. 

14 years can pass in the blink of an eye. 

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