"Please, Please Don't Take My Dog."

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Emma and Julia's Story

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Emma was my best friend and my baby, we grew up together in 13 short years. I bought her myself around age 9-10. She was a chubby, bichon poodle who was born with no tail so she wagged her booty instead.

She put a smile on the face of anyone who crossed her path. She learned to imitate peoples smiles and started smiling back with a toothy grin. She was such a good girl and so sweet. She also had a great sense of humor. She liked to take people's spot on the couch when they got up and give them a smile when they returned telling her she was in their spot as if to say "I know!"

She was happy and healthy her whole life minus a few issues with hot spots due to her extremely thick fur and her being overweight.

She started panting excessively one night and I knew something was wrong. I decided that I would take her to the vet the next day after my morning class.

When I woke up she was still awake and panting beside my bed. It was obvious that she had not slept. I picked her up to put her on the bed and she started to have an accident so I put her on the floor. She tried to walk a few wobbly steps before collapsing sideways. I picked her up sobbing and immediately knew it wasn't good. I decided she had to get to the vet immediately. My dad who has also lived with her for almost her entire life as well drove while I held her in the car. She seemed okay, still panting and struggling with all the energy she had she looked out the window at the world. Little did I know that would be the last time.

I carried her into the vet as she was too unstable to walk herself, and after answering a couple questions at the front desk they asked what was wrong and Emma let out this strange noise and put her head back. The noise was almost indescribable. It was not pain, it was like a big exhale, or a computer shutting down. And then she completely relaxed. I started crying telling the nurse at the desk I wasn’t sure what was wrong and they immediately put us in a room where the vet came. She lay on the table on her side, and the vet said he would hook her up to some oxygen to help her breathe and he would be right back.

In that moment, even though I am typically not a religious person, I prayed to a higher power saying "Please, please don't take my dog." Then I had this clear message come into my head that just said, "but it's the right time." And I couldn't deny that.

Dad and I sat there crying for what felt like forever but was probably only 5 minutes. Then the vet finally came back and said a few things but all I can remember is him saying the words "She's pretty much brain dead, there’s nothing we can do." Then there was a long pause before my dad asked if we could see her, and the vet said, "Yes, you can come say your goodbyes."

We walked in and she had tubes in her mouth to keep her breathing but you could see the life was gone from her eyes. Dad pet her and said goodbye, and then I did the same. The second I stepped back, her visible breaths disappeared. Both vets and my dad and I all thought she had passed. The vet checked and said there was still a faint heartbeat so they then euthanized her and she was gone.

Just like that - in less than 24 hours from happy girl to gone. It was hard to process. Dad and I sat in a room in the vet clinic crying and talking about all the good times. Then eventually we got up to leave. As he was paying the front desk, I looked down and saw her empty harness and leash in my hand and it broke my heart.

We then went and got some breakfast together and I tried focusing on the positives. (Which is extremely hard in this case, but also extremely helpful.) I focused on how many people she made happy. How happy she was. How she didn’t have to suffer. How she loved me enough to let go in my arms. And how even though it sucks and it's painful, it happened at a time in my life where I was not stressed about anything, so I could emotionally handle it a lot better than if it had been at any other point in my life. I also hope somehow she is with my Nanny, who was one of her best friends and had passed just two years prior.

About 2 days later I caught dad looking at puppy ads and he had 37 of them favorited. To read that story head over to: Baby Luna's Adoption Story

Dear Emma, You had a wonderful life and I’m so grateful that you didn’t suffer. Thank you for being the best little angel of a pup. I love you so much.

Rest in peace my pretty girl.


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