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Nori Star and Samantha

Nori Star is my sweet pup that is full of energy, creative ideas and a huge heart.  In honor of her birthday week, here are her favorite things. I hope they make you giggle!

Mommy, and Daddy
For 4 years it has been me and Nori.  A new human (Oscar) came into our lives about a year ago and is now a permanent human in our home.  He loves Nori so much and has done everything possible to help her feel comfortable with the idea of sharing me.  Nori loves to play tricks on Oscar and keeps a very close eye on him. Anytime Oscar tries to cuddle with me, Nori quickly inserts herself and we just yell “Party of 3”!  Nori can’t let Oscar know she’s into him but every morning when he leaves for work she cries her little eyes out.

Just like mommy, Nori is the ultimate foodie!  She loves Mexican food—tortillas are her absolute favorite and if you’re not careful she will take them from your plate (just ask Oscar)!  Her Mimi spoils her with flautas, sopa de fideo, pozole, tacos, ceviche, queso, salsa and so much more! And just like mommy, Nori doesn’t like sweets, unless there are no other options available!

Hair Un-Styling
Nori is not much of a girlie-girl and gets pretty awkward when you dress her up. She has a thing with hair ties and if you sit on the couch, Nori will slowly walk up behind you and help you relax by letting your hair down and then adding the hair tie to her collection. You can catch a video of this on my IG page @bossbabexoxo

Providing Emotional Support
Since Nori was little she would pick up on people’s worries and would immediately gravitate to them and help them feel better.  She recently became an Emotional Support Animal and she takes her role very seriously. She loves to listen to your worries forehead to forehead and will remain by your side as long as you need her.  Nori loves to help other pups in need and has helped me realize the importance of ending pet homelessness. Oscar and I support the Spay-Neuter-Assistance-Program where Nori was spayed and where they are helping Nori meet the requirements to travel with us to Mexico this summer.  

A Messy Home and More
Nori LOVES a messy home and I love things clean so this is where we disagree.  She loves to have her toys spread out EVERYWHERE! When she gets the slightest feeling that I am cleaning, she gets super paranoid and starts gathering all her toys by herself so that I don’t pick them up!  It is hilarious! My girl just likes being messy in general. She hates the word bath so many times we spell it out because if she hears it she will get so paranoid. You can catch this video on my IG. She hates white towels because she associates them with her bath towels.  She also loves to lick her paws until they literally smell like Doritos. I am very supportive of Nori in everything except this department! I can’t do a stinky dog!


  • I can’t! Y’all are so stinkin cute!

  • ❤️ you girls!!!


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