From Scaredy Cat to Show Dog

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Frankie and Brianna

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When we got Frankie, she had spent the majority of her life up to that point locked in a bathroom. We didn’t know this until we put her in the bathroom to leave for the first time as the previous owners had suggested.. 

 She lost it. She cried and barked and tore things up before we could get back to the door to let her out. Franks was a little anxious and had been “potty pad trained,” which meant she still peed on the floor every night no matter how many times we took her out.

 After a year (and mom’s completion of college) we enrolled Franks into puppy school! The best decision we ever made.

Frankie was always smart. We taught her to sit, lay and shake in a day.. So we should have seen it coming.The basics class no problem, so to intermediate we went! We made a ton of friends with other pups and their parents. Frankie picked everything up pretty quickly, all the turns, the footwork, the commands, etc.

 We were the only ones invited to the advanced class for rally dogs when intermediate ended! We started learning more fun things like “take” and “over” and Frankie was thoroughly entertained. So, when it came time to show we thought, “why not?”

The first trial was bad, which was mostly mom’s fault.. and the fact the “lay” was the first sign, Frankie’s least favoriteThe second trial we got a 95/100!!!It was so much fun and we were so proud. 

Frankie grew so much in that short 5 months and now we feel like we have the best dog in the world! She loves her kennel, potties outside and listens (most of the time) in public.


Next stop? Therapy dog school!

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